Consider Obama’s recent week: the Republican field for presidential nomination managed to make Rick Perry, who thinks social security is a Ponzi scheme, seem like a reasonable man. Then Obama gave a grand speech that reminded everyone why Democrats and Obamacans voted for him in the first place—the promise to end partisanship, the twin abilities to speak in complete sentences of uniform cadence and wave his hand convincingly. We all agree about what needs to be done! We just need the will to do it! Then he stood next to George W. Bush at the 9/11 festivities—W. looked like a small toad; Obama like a vision from a consensus-based future. But then Palestine applied for membership to the U.N. and, not coincidentally, the Democrats lost a seat in New York (THE JEWSREVENGE!!!). It’s wake up time: the president’s political existence is based on compromise and the defense of the political center. In his grand speech, he lusted nostalgically for the days when The American Worker got a Fair Wage that increased over time… but didn’t mention those pesky partisan unions, which were the only reason the good-old-days existed in the first place. Enough of that: it’s time to admit that 2008’s Republicrat PR stunt won’t work in 2012. Obama’s “center” is now a famine-drained DMZ. His most belligerent opponents occupy the hills to the north, while rationality cowers in bunkers to the south. What’s left of his “base” is trying nervously to work out what’s next: Will he sign a Ribbentropp pact? Retreat and fortify with his erstwhile allies? Or just keep dithering?


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