The USDA’s “2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans” strongly advise adults to consume three daily servings of milk, cheese or yogurt as a way to improve overall diet, get more nutrients and improve bone health. Every day, tens of millions of public school students therefore receive milk as a requirement of their breakfast and lunch. And why wouldn’t they want milk? Milk’s frothy thickness has adorned the upper lips and done good to the bodies of America’s favorite models, athletes and celebrities for decades. Got Milk? If you don’t, then you should. That is, unless you are a racial minority. According to recent studies by the NIH, the overwhelming majority of people of color are physically unable to digest dairy and therefore reap its nutritional benefits. By allowing the dairy industry to dominate the current dialogue on diet, the government thus neglects the health of minorities, who, unsurprisingly, are not getting enough calcium. It is on these grounds that I am going on strike against milk. Also, as a person of color, I am lactose intolerant.


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