I have participated in assemblies and workteams in the Wall Street occupation, done outreach to community organizations, gone hoarse from chanting about the banks, been bruised by metal police batons while marching for Troy Davis, spent a day in lock-up with my 87 new friends, and helped to organize for the massive day of action on the 15th. We are a huge collection of people—from union workers and yoga instructors to college students and the unemployed, from political activists to the newly-enraged. We shout both in a multitude of voices—about a variety of issues—and in unison—about the financial and political elites responsible for the forms of oppression we all face in our lives. We are winning because we have managed to unlock some deep and hidden potential in ourselves and in people around the world, because we have re-asserted that another world is possible, because we are growing without any end in sight. We are winning because we are proving—not only in the things we do but also in the way in which we do them—that there is an alternative.


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