What a supremely minor thing! A button that says “like.” But what other habit so minor, besides breathing, or rinsing hands, or perhaps doubting oneself, do we respect with such tiny fervor? We do not collect others’ washed hands, do we? Not unless we are deranged. Nor feel more alive when someone else breathes at us, do we? Liking by button-image is the long denied possibility of creating energy. Look how ridiculous we’ve become—you cannot rightly demand logic. Today we are all question, we really? constantly, really everything. Today we go without punctuation entirely. Tomorrow’s leaders stuff language inside quotations, trying idiotically to punctuate in a way that expresses their and only their condition. Regarding diction and syntax I have calculated this for the medium. Here, we can hate with heavy fuck, we fucking hate shit on the internet and do it in our own words, or words we’d like anyway to own, but only inasmuch.


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