Like the strong-armed bullies that stuffed many of us into lockers at grade school, reality star celebrities are legitimized by reaction. The more attention lavished on them, the stronger their presence and influence becomes on the playground. How ironic then that the same bloggers, pundits and comment board trolls who decry the prominence invested in these “famous for being famous” stars—themselves probably guilty, as I am, of watching their shows and reading their news under the cover of a night shrouded bed sheet—continue to scold these pop icons, as if they might be prattled into submission. Perhaps it would be better to suffer Kim and her Kardashian clan in silence, turning one’s other cheek to the bully, rather than engaging in a hopelessly one-sided shoving match, launched from a coward’s distance through a laptop or smartphone—and aimed at those who are famous for nothing worse, after all, than entertaining us.


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