When Tim Tebow starts his first playoff game today in Denver, plenty of opinions will once again be offered by commentators with various interests. (Are Phil Simms and other football analysts simply jealous because Tebow doesn’t have their QB stats, yet gets more attention? Are evangelicals looking to promote their own agenda through Tebow’s success?) But what does Tebow represent from the average fan’s perspective? For most fans, football is one of the few true team sports; on every play, every player has a specific job. Tebow was recently mike’d up and filmed in the Denver Broncos’ comeback win against Chicago. In the highlight reel, Tebow is seen encouraging a player who just dropped a sure touchdown pass, telling him, “Don’t worry about it, you’re going to catch the winning pass.” Within the next five minutes, that player caught four passes including a dramatic, last minute, game-tying touchdown. I see in Tim Tebow a tremendous teammate and a humble man who stands up for his beliefs. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s not going to change things for Tebow or God. But if you believe in (or play for) the Broncos, Tebow has been pretty good for you, at least so far.


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