George Orwell was wrong when he predicted that it would take political pressure to impoverish our language; technology has done it faster than politics ever could. Social interaction is reduced lately to a click of the “Like” button. Opinions have been cut to 140 characters, enough to tell everyone how you hate traffic jams, or to quote some other famous writer that has found better ways to express your own thoughts. Meanwhile, these social placebos reduce the need for physical proximity: a green icon is enough to make you believe that there are another 20, 30 or 100 people with the same icon keeping you company. It’s easy to criticize this lack of materiality, or we could just recognize that we’ve entered a new reality. Immersed in virtuality, we finally live in a Platonized world of ideas. Watching your girl through a web cam is real enough for modern souls. Spying pics on Facebook makes you a real stalker. Chatting with strangers a real player.


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