American conservatives like to argue that government should be run like a business: its profits must be greater than its expenditures, and it should respond to market signals. American liberals respond that government is not a business at all, because it must take on debt in order for the world to function, and because it must respond to social, not market, events. But the debate is superfluous, because government is already a business. What else is a democratic election than an enormous marketplace, in which people not-so-rationally choose to purchase a product with their vote? And what do politicians do other than worry about getting (re-)elected? Those we elect to serve us (sic) are the most highly developed market-signal responders the world has ever seen. The problem for conservatives is that markets often have horrific outcomes, while liberals don’t like to admit that what we like to call democracy is itself a market. Meanwhile, the politicians are all out there, pimping their wares: themselves.


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