How should we feel when the National Enquirer is more truthful than the other major publications? Fox News advertises itself as “Fair and Balanced” and the New York Times as “All the News That’s Fit to Print!” Yet, when Fox or the Times, MSNBC or ABC report on the same story, how can they be so radically different? Having some firsthand experience of PR flacks and their deceptive half-truths, I wonder what percentage of what we read and hear is actually truthful: thirty percent, possibly forty? JP Morgan recently announced a multi-billion dollar loss, yet we are just now hearing about it, and still don’t know the real depth of the problems at the other financial institutions. Walter Lippmann concluded that news and the truth were not to be tied together in the same sentence. That said, my favorite quote comes from Frederick Turner: “Ten thousand poets would betray their name to buy the good opinion of the liars.”


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