If Aristotle were alive today, he wouldn’t waste time writing books and giving lectures, because those can only reach a small minority. He would start websites based on his topics of interest (ethics, metaphysics, physics, politics, aesthetics, color, dreams, animal movement, botany, etc.) and encourage people to post their responses. For example, he might start a “Happiness is…” website, in which people are invited to explain what they think happiness is. Someone might write, “Happiness is finding a can of diet coke in the back of the fridge when you thought you were out.” And Aristotle would respond, “That’s gratification of pleasure. What is truly good must be an end in itself. Happiness is the maximization of the excellence of the function of being human: namely, moral activity and rational contemplation.” And then she would respond, “Fuck you, I say it is finding that can of diet coke.”


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