Justin Evans

Justin Evans is the Ennis Postdoctoral Fellow at Villanova University.


    | Fall, 2013

    I sometimes get more pleasure from learning a thing’s name than from learning about the thing itself. When, a few years ago, my then girlfriend offered me a potato pancake, I wasn’t impressed, even though she told me about the …

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    My first understanding—I’m foreign, you see—of Martin Luther King Day came from Public Enemy’s “By the Time I Get to Arizona,” off Apocalypse 91. The “news announcement” at the start of the song suggests that “the powers that be in …

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    If you have anything to do with intelligent teenagers (children, siblings, students, colleagues), you’ll have heard that the only political belief worth having at the moment is libertarianism. Teenage libertarians, unlike all too many of the grown-ups who lay claim …

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    American conservatives have rarely dwelt on the idea of class. It comes up only twice in Patrick Allitt’s The Conservatives (2009), for example. Conservatives held that slavery could eliminate the possibility of class conflict by “linking masters and slaves together …

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    | Spring, 2011

    In his essay, “What is a Classic?” T.S. Eliot answers his own question. A classic, he says, is an ideal literary work, mature in literary terms and produced in a “mature society.” A good reader should be able to place …

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