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Dear Friends of The Point, Please join editors, writers and readers of The Point to celebrate the release of Issue 7 on Saturday, November 9th in Bridgeport (1200 West 35th Street, a couple of blocks west of Morgan). There will be live jazz, DJs, …

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LETTER On Security “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” ESSAYS No Such Thing? Margaret Thatcher and the End of Society [Jonny Thakkar] Insofar as …

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At the edge of a vast nothingness

LETTER On Food “Nobody cares if you know about Mozart or Leonardo anymore, but you had better be able to discuss the difference between ganache and couverture.” ESSAYS A Plea for Human Food [Charles Comey] The fact that the most …

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Issue 6 of The Point is in stores now. Join us for our release party in Chicago on Saturday, Jan. 26, 8 pm to 1am, at High Concept Laboratories.

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Subscribe to issue 5 of The Point today–with essays on Oprah, Obama, Amy Chua, Jonathan Franzen, a symposium on the Left, an interview with Bill Ayers, a letter on Occupy Wall Street, reviews of The Bean, 9/11 Lit., small talk…

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