| Fall, 2013
Resonanzgeflecht-1//digitaler C-Print//73 cm x 86 cm

I remember walking on the white slabs of cement in the breezeway between our kindergarten and elementary school when I was five, and some older kid telling me that my friend Tom’s parents had split up. After that—basically after learning …

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| Winter, 2013
Katie Kline Shark

What sorts of philosophical problems do we face because of the existence of non-human animals? Most humane people would agree that their existence presents us with some moral and legal quandaries. And recently, but only recently, philosophers have taken a …

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| Spring, 2011

It is a beautiful Sunday evening in May—clear, still, warm—and I am throwing up my own shit. That this is biologically possible, let alone how it feels and how the nurses will respond to it (a faintly perceptible ripple of …

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| Fall, 2010

The voice couldn’t have come from anyone older than twelve. There was no rasp, no pubescent pitchiness. “I’m gonna rape again!” It took me a moment to connect the meaning of the words to the sound of the voice. And …

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| Winter, 2010

I have what I have always held to be a mildly discreditable day job, that of teaching philosophy at a university. I take it to be discreditable because about 85 percent of my time and energy is devoted to training …

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