In 1995, a group of high schoolers from Pasadena joined to form a band. Three were already friends; one, fourteen-year-old Daniel Brummel, had responded to an internet ad. Over the next few years, they added a keyboardist/flutist, started putting together …

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| Fall, 2013

People think about 1994 now because Kurt Cobain died then, which causes one to squint through the year, misremembering the end of that era as encompassing all of it. It has always struck me that 1994 ought to be one …

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Simon Reynolds is a music critic whose seventh book, Retromania, was published in 2011. Reynolds’s first book, Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock (1990), celebrated late-Eighties underground rock and neo-psychedelia. He has since co-authored a book about rock music and gender …

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| Winter, 2013

While I was reading Simon Reynolds’s latest book, Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past, I found myself thinking of the hours I spent as a teenager listening to grunge rock in my best friend’s bedroom. This would have …

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| Winter, 2013

When I wake up at the hotel in Reno, my memories are a messy pastiche. I reach for an image to encapsulate my experience of Burning Man, but everything I grasp feels like a cliché. Dancing beside a fluorescent art …

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| Spring, 2011

What rap needs more than a glossary is a case for its intellectual importance as something neither alien nor off-limits to unhip white people, something whose rewards can be approached and discussed on whatever terms, and in whatever language, best suit us.

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