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Chicago Heights

Posted on by Megan Marz

Like many denizens of Winesburg, Ohio, the fictional town in which the American writer Sherwood Anderson set his eponymous 1919 masterwork, Alice Hindman feels she has missed out on life—or at least an important part of it. After her lover …

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Cloud Gate, Tilted Arc

Posted on by Jacob Mikanowski

Anish Kapoor named his colossal sculpture Cloud Gate, but everyone in Chicago calls it the Bean. One hundred and ten tons of polished stainless steel, it seems to float above its cement plinth like a visitor from a distant and …

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Occupy Chicago

Posted on by Jessica Weisberg

If nothing else comes from the “Occupy” protests, I really hope the person—or people—who conceived of the “we are the 99 percent” tagline lands a top job at a branding firm. Yesterday was the SEIU-organized Occupy Chicago protest. It was …

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Modern Wing

Posted on by Maggie Taft

Last spring the Art Institute of Chicago unveiled its most significant acquisition to date. It was neither a painting nor a sculpture, but Renzo Piano’s Modern Wing. The 264,000 square foot addition was quickly hailed as a museum masterpiece, though …

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Granta’s Chicago Issue

Posted on by Jon Baskin

The London-based Granta “magazine of new writing” has devoted its 108th issue to the city of Chicago. The special issue, whose release was celebrated with a week of local events in September, promises a tour of Chicago during its “cultural moment,” in …

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