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Margaret Thatcher: Fashion Rebel?

Posted on by Damaris Colhoun

It is a cringeworthy moment: high-priced frocks, dashed by graffiti and chains, parading as punk at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, of all places. But let’s set that aside. Walking through the museum’s exhibition, PUNK: Chaos to Couture, which opened …

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Why Conservatives Should Read Marx

Posted on by Jonny Thakkar

Every thriving political movement contains diverse and often warring elements bound together by little more than strength of feeling and the lure of power, so it would be stupid to look for unblemished ideological consistency in a political party. But …

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The Drama of Cultural Conservatism

Posted on by James M. Wilson

The reflections I share in this space may appear, at moments, to indulge in the barbed and the bitter, and the reader unfamiliar with my subject and with my own work, and otherwise disinclined to assertive denunciation, may be tempted …

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