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Top 5 Points of 2011

Posted on by The Editors

Thanks to everyone who sent in Points this year—here were our five most popular based on page views: 1.) Point 47: What a supremely minor thing! A button that says “like.” But what other habit so minor, besides breathing, or …

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Occupy Chicago

Posted on by Jessica Weisberg

If nothing else comes from the “Occupy” protests, I really hope the person—or people—who conceived of the “we are the 99 percent” tagline lands a top job at a branding firm. Yesterday was the SEIU-organized Occupy Chicago protest. It was …

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Predatory Habits

Posted on by Etay Zwick

More than a century ago, Thorstein Veblen—American economist, sociologist and social critic—warned that the United States had developed a bizarre and debilitating network of social habits and economic institutions. Ascendant financial practices benefited a limited group at the expense of …

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